The University of Arizona

NetID Accounts

News! Two new NetID related services announced!

  • Protect Your Account, Enroll in NetID+, an additional layer of security for accessing campus systems. Learn more...
  • CatNet Lockout Grace Period for NetID Password Changes. Learn more...


UA NetID is a secure, efficient way for the University and its computer systems to ensure the identity of an eligible user before allowing access to potentially sensitive information. Your NetID permits secure access to a variety of applications and services at the UA using a single sign-on (one username and one password) system. 

UA NetIDs are permanent and do not expire.  Since your NetID is tied to many of our campus systems (e.g., UAccess, D2L, Software License, email) any changes to your NetID can become very disruptive to your everyday campus activities therefore; the university policy only allows for a change to your NetID based on one of the following reasons:
there is a personal safety issue related to the continued use of your NetID
your legal name has been changed - a legal document must be produced with the request