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Security Services

For UA Community Members

For Departmental IT Staff (Network Managers)

External Internet Service Provider security teams or NOCs that wish to report security incidents involving our network [click here]

Information Security Policies and Awareness

For Information Security policies and security awareness programs, please see the University's Information Security Office (ISO).

Technical Security Support for UA Community Members

For technical security support for UA community members, UITS has a 24/7 Support Center (626 TECH) which is dedicated to assisting you with your IT needs. Depending on your department, you may also have a network manager either in the form of departmental IT staff or by having your department contract with UITS' Workgroup and Network Consulting (WNC) to provide IT support.

Workstation/Laptop Security Applications

UITS' Client Services also maintains the University's Sitelicense page which contains a number of software applications, security and otherwise, available at reduced or no cost to students, staff, and faculty. These include anit-virus, antispyware, personal firewall, and secure connections tools.

Software Package Purpose Direct Link to Sitelicense
Sophos AntiVirus Sophos is an antivirus application with updates provided by on-campus servers.
Cisco VPN Client VPN (virtual private network) software allows you to connect to the UA network from an off-campus network and have your connection act as if your computer were on the campus network, and send traffic encrypted to the University network perimeter. or see this FAQ for help troubleshooting installations



Security Resources for Departmental IT Staff (Network Managers)

Departmental IT staff (network managers) can work with UITS Security Operations to set up or customize network infrastructure security devices, such as network firewalls, VPN, or to arrange for vulnerability scanning.


For Further Information 
  • University Information Security Office (ISO)
    The ISO works to increase awareness of IT security issues, and provides guidance and policies related to information security.
  • Security Operations (SecOps)
    Deploys and maintains the network security infrastructure composed of devices such as firewalls, and virtual private networks (VPN). Also provides containment and prevention guidance to departments and network managers in the event of a security breach, and may block either external IPs or internal network devices due to security threats.
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
    Campus wide resource to help departments prepare an effective and comprehensive business continuity/disaster recovery plan.

Additional Security Resources:

Passwords: Detailed guidelines for constructing secure passwords are given in the Official University Password Guidelines (pdf, 53kb)

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