The University of Arizona

CatMail - Student Email


Students at the University of Arizona are automatically given a CatMail email account when creating their NetID: yourNetID @ - if you prefer, you can also send and receive email using yourNetID @ It will access the same account. This email address is the official means of communication between the University and students. The student email service is outsourced to G Suite for Education, which also provides access to Google's full suite of apps from any computer or mobile device. These include Mail, Google Calendar, Google Drive (word processing, spreadsheets, presentations), Google Sites, Labs, and Google Video.

Note: The Google+, Sites, and Vault services may work but are not part of the core G Suite for Apps suite that was purchased for campus. This means that they are not covered by the G Suite for Education support terms and are not covered by the G Suite for Education uptime guarantee service level agreement (SLA).

Education Account vs. Personal Account: If you have a personal Gmail account as well as a CatMail account, remember to check which account you are logged into. If you are working or collaborating on University or class files, be sure you are logged into your CatMail account. (See the UA's Data Classification and Handling Standard for what kinds of files you can store or share in CatMail.) And be sure you are not using your CatMail account when you are working on or sharing personal projects.

On the website, click the user icon in the upper right corner

On the Gmail and G Suite for Education websites, some services may show the UA logo when you are logged into CatMail, but some don't. To check which account you are logged into:

  • On the G Suite for Education website, click on the user icon on the upper right corner of the menu 
  • In Google mobile apps, tap the mobile app menu