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All UITS Services, A to Z

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Accounts & Passwords
Adobe Campus Agreement
Adobe Connect
Analog Telephone Service
Antivirus -- see Sophos Endpoint Security and Control (University website)
Border Firewall Security Services
Caller ID
Calling Card - CenturyLink worldcard®
Campus Switchboard Services
CatMail - Student Email
CatNet – Enterprise Active Directory Domain Services
Cisco Call Manager User
Classroom Equipment Ordering
Classroom Response Devices
Classroom Technology Services (CTS)
Confluence: a Collaboration Wiki
D2L (Desire2Learn) Courseware
Data Backup and File Restores
Database Hosting and Administration Services
Designated Campus Colleagues (DCC) Accounts
Desktop or Workstation Computer Support
Dex Directory Listings
DHCP Service - Wired Network Connections (Register MAC Address)
Digital Telephone Service (ISDN)
Disk Storage - File Services
DNS - Domain Name Server Hosting
Email at the UA
Email Lists - Sympa
Enterprise Applications Security Team (EAST)
Enterprise Directory Service (EDS)
Externally Blocked (Borderblocked)
Grouper - Group Information Management
High Performance Computing Services (HPC)
I2, CalREN, NLR Service
Identity and Access Management (IAM)
Incident Reporting - Security Issues
InCommon Certificate Service
InCommon Federation
Individual Account Codes for Long Distance Phone Service
Infrastructure Services Operations Center (ISOC)
Intrusion Detection
IT Infrastructure Performance Monitoring (Zabbix)
Long Distance Telephone Service
Managed Local Firewalls
Mobile Device Support
NetID Accounts
Network Security Consulting and Support
Off-Campus Data Connections
Off-Campus Telephone Service
Off-site Media Storage for Customer Backup Media
On-Campus Data Connections
Operating System/Network Vulnerability Scanning (Qualys)
Operations Center - See Infrastructure Services Operations Center
Operator Assisted Telephone Conferencing
Other University Supported Email
Research Computing Services
Security Operations (SecOps)
Server Administration
Server Co-location
Shibboleth - Web Single Sign-On
Software License
Sophos Endpoint Security and Control
Spam and Incident Reporting
Student Data Services
Student Voice Services
Telecommunication Estimates
Telecommunications Services
Toll Free '800' Service
UACBT (Computer-Based Training)
UAccess Analytics
UAccess Employee
UAccess Financials
UAccess Portal
UAccess Student
UAConnect On-Campus Email/Calendaring System
UAssist - Online Support Request Tool
UAWiFi -- see Wireless Data Connectivity
Unity Connection Voicemail
University Information Systems (UIS)
Virtual Computing
Virtual Email Domains
Voice Over IP (VoIP)
Voicemail -- see Unity Connection Voicemail
VPN Client
Web Hosting
Web Services
WebAuth - NetID Authentication for Web Services
Website Design & Implementation Services
Wired and Wireless Network Services
Wireless Data Connectivity (UAWiFi)
Workshop and Training Resources