The University of Arizona

NetID Passwords

Selecting a UA NetID Password   

NetID passwords must be a minimum of 10 characters in length, include capitalization, spaces, and some punctuation. Longer passwords are supported and encouraged. All passwords are strength-checked prior to acceptance, and will be rejected if based on a dictionary word, your NetID, or your name. Various other checks are made, all of which increase the probability of choosing a relatively 'strong' password that cannot be easily guessed. For more detailed information visit the 'Useful Links' section below.

How the New Grace Period Extension on NetID Password Changes Works

Because so many of our campus systems are tied to your UA NetID, when creating a new password, it is important that you remember to update all of your  accounts to reflect the password change. For example:
  • UAWiFi on a laptop
  • an email program to check campus email on a laptop or home computer;
  • UAWiFi and campus email, calendar, and contacts on a smartphone or tablet

Forgetting to change to the new password on just one of these programs could lead to an account lockout as a program tries to connect. UITS provides a new grace period to give NetID holders additional time to update all of their devices. 

Afer a password change, the system monitors the NetID account to see whether there are any attempts made to connect with an incorrect password. The morning after the password change, you will receive an email notification with information about those attempts to help you and your IT support staff determine where your password still needs to be changed. 

The grace period expires two days after the initial password change so be sure to have your password updated on all of the computers and mobile devices yo use to automatically connect to campus services.

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