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UITS Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Strategic Initiatives

UITS - Where We Put U First in IT

UITS is a 300 plus-member service unit with a mission to support and enhance the University's ability to fulfill its objectives by providing effective and efficient computing and communications solutions. UITS acts as a facilitator and proactive coordinator of integrative technology services for campus. We are committed to supporting a technological foundation that enhances learning, research and business, recognizing that to serve the campus well we must promote user self-sufficiency, easy access to information, and collaborative relationships with users.

UITS supports and works collaboratively with all three communities of our campus: staff, faculty, and students.

UITS is committed to high-quality, value-added services delivered through strong values of respect, integrity, and transparency.

UITS provides two mission-critical IT components to the campus: Infrastructure & Client Services and Enterprise Applications.

UITS Vision

To do our part in ensuring the University of Arizona meets and exceeds its strategic priorities:

UITS intends to become THE partner of choice for information technology services, resources and working environments on campus and beyond.

By transforming our culture and our work, we intend to be the go-to place for our campus when information technology needs arise and when information technology staff are choosing where they want to work.

UITS Role in the University Mission

The University of Arizona is complex in both its organization and its technology, requiring that competing information technology needs be carefully evaluated and deployed to ensure the optimal investment of limited resources. It is the role of UITS to:

  • Enable the institutional mission of instruction, research, and outreach
  • Support the needs of the 21st century learner
  • Position UA to surpass our peer institutions in the use of technology for teaching, learning, research and overall effectiveness by providing innovative tools, knowledge, and service to the campus community
  • Set the highest standards for best practices and standards in information technology services and share that knowledge and skill with the campus community
  • Be a center of excellence for information technology vision, knowledge and leadership
  • Lead the campus in governing information technology investments and decisions in a collaborative, participative and thoughtful way so that we make optimal investment of limited resources
  • Partner with the campus community to make information technology services the most efficient, reliable and accessible to support the mission of the institution
  • Provide an excellent working and developmental environment for our staff and partners

UITS Core Values
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Transparency

UITS Strategic Initiatives
IT Initiatives are groupings of projects that collectively enable the implementation of a strategy and bring returns over an indefinite period of time. Read about each initiative here.